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CWH-8010 Advanced ICU ventilator
CWH-8010 Advanced ICU ventilator

CWH-8010 Advanced ICU ventilator

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  • Introduction

Controlled Parameters

VT2-2000 mL
MV250-15000 mL/min
Min Tinsp/Texp150-1000 ms
Respiratory rate4-200 bpm
PEEP0-40 cmH2O
Max Inspiration pressure FiO290 cmH2O
FiO221-100 Vol%
Flow-trigger0.5-30 L/min
Pressure-trigger-20-20 cmH2O
SighOn/Off, 1/5 times every 100 breath cycle

Monitoring Parameters

VTe mand, VTe spon, VTi mand, VTi spon

MVemand, MVe spon, MVimand, MVi spon, MVe total,RR mand,RR spon.,Tinsp

Texp, Ppeak, Pplat,PEEP,Pmean,FiO2JVleak,



Oxygen concentration 21%-100%

Trend & Event Log

trend Length72 hrs for monitoring parameters
Event Log3000 logs

Communication Interface

Communication Interface

HDMI, Ethernet, USB, CO2 Module Connector **Optional**


Temperature (around module)-20 - + 60 degrees C -20
Operating temperature (outside) gas inlet- + 50 degrees C 5-95%
Relative air humidityR.H.
Ambient Air Pressure500 - 1100 mbar
Noise generation<45dB

The CWM-8010 is an advanced turbine ventilator for provide acute respiratory support for adult, pediatric and neonatal use. Excellent ventilation performance and comprehensive monitoring capabilities adapt to various clinical requirements.

NEW generation of ventilator

♦Molding production, tight structure.

♦Turbine driven machine.

♦12.1-inch touch screen.

♦New interface design with user friendly layout and color assortment.

♦I ntelligence operating system.

♦Can display 3 types of waveform in same interface.

♦3 level of audio and visual alarm indication, adjustable sound volume.

Ventilation performance

♦Integrated turbine design can continuous delivery high low more than 220L/min with rapid response of compensation.

♦Comprehensive ventilation modes for volume and pressure based, with selection of pressure support, spontaneous breath and non-invasive ventilation. Ventilator is applicable for wide range of patients and clinical situations.

♦Quick response for patienfs trigger which improved the synchrony between patient-ventilator.

♦Graphic capabilities for trends and event record, long time monitoring for all types of ventilation parameters.

♦Provide respiratory support from neonatal to adult.



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