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12 Channel ECG Machine
12 Channel ECG Machine

12 Channel ECG Machine

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Product performance characteristics

1、12-lead synchronous ECG acquisition.

2. 10.2" HD color LCD display, full touch operation, 12-lead simultaneous screen display.

3. Full keyboard Chinese input (Pinyin input method and five-stroke input are optional), patient ID number, name, gender, age, height, weight, blood pressure and other information can be input.

4、Equipped with high speed and high sensitivity hot spot recording system, with print stroke depth adjustment function, compatible with 210mm, 215mm and 216mm wide recording paper.

5, with real-time ECG waveform freezing function, easy to capture important ECG waveforms of patients.

6、Accurate ECG automatic diagnosis function with built-in common arrhythmia cases for user reference.

7. accurate ECG automatic diagnosis function with heart rate over limit alarm function and free setting whether to print measurement and analysis report.

8. The ECG machine can directly output the ECG report in JPG format, which is convenient for uploading to the network or hospital information system

9. Large-capacity storage (500 cases) can be directly inserted into the U disk/SD card to expand the storage space, so that historical data can be stored, played back and printed at any time, and ECG data can be directly exported on the computer through the U disk/SD card, and ECG data can be analyzed, diagnosed, stored and printed, which is convenient for establishing patient files and saving printing supplies.

10, single channel / 3 channels / (3 + R) channels / (3 + Ⅱ + V5) channels / double column 6 channels / single column 6 channels / double column 12 channels / single column 12 channels eight ECG display combination mode.

11. 3-channel/(3+R)-channel/(3+II+V5)-channel/ 6-channel/(6+R)-channel/ 12-channel six ECG recording combination modes.

12, manual, automatic, rhythm, physical examination and other operating modes.

13, with RS232 communication interface, USB interface and LAN network interface.

14, built-in high-capacity lithium-ion rechargeable battery, can work continuously for 24 hours, print 1000 copies of ECG reports.

15、With screen protection and automatic shutdown function for a long time.

16, with lead off detection function, with a lack of paper detection prompt function.

17, beautiful design, portable hidden handle design, easy to carry.

18, wide power supply design, adapt to 110-230, 50/60Hz AC power.

Common mode rejection ratio≥ 100dBCalibration voltage1mV±3%
Input CircuitFloating ground, anti-defibrillationPolarization voltage resistance±500mV
Input loop current≤0.1µATime constant> 3.2s
Sampling rate≥8000 samples/secFrequency response0.05Hz~150Hz
Operation modeManual/automatic/rhythmNoise level≤15µVp-p
FilteringIndustrial frequency filtering, myoelectric filteringMinimum detection signal≤20µ V
Drift filteringAnti-drift systemPaper walking speed12.5, 25, 50mm/s (±3%)
Input impedance>50MΩSensitivity5, 10, 20mm/mV
Patient leakage current<10µARecordsHigh-resolution thermal printing
Fuse specification T1.6A 250V Ø5×20 BatteryVoltage 14.8V.Capacity 3800mAh
Recording paper specificationReel thermal recording paperDimension365mm×306mm×109mm
Accessory NameQuantityAccessory nameQuantity
ECG machine host1 setPower cord1pc
ECG lead wire1pcFuse2 pcs
Limb electrode4 pcsInstruction manual1 copy
Chest electrode6pcsCertificate of Conformity1 copy
Standard grounding wire1 pieceWarranty card1 copy
Printing paper1 rollThree company certificates1 copy


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