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Long-term Indwelling Hemodialysis Catheter
Long-term Indwelling Hemodialysis Catheter

Long-term Indwelling Hemodialysis Catheter

Long-term Indwelling Hemodialysis Catheter is for elderly patients, recent kidney transplant patients, and patients with advanced stage. Long-term indweling hemodialysis catheter can be used to establish a semi-permanent dialysis access to reduce the trauma caused to patients by repeated puncture.

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  • Introduction

The catheter is made of silicone material. It is soft and not easy to cause damage to blood vessels. It can be kept for more than 30 days.Through subcutaneous channel catheterization, the catheter is not easy to fall off. The tube body with polyester sleeve can block the skin’s upward infection, reduce the infection rate. It does not increase the extra burden of the heart; does not have cardiopulmonary recycling; does not need to ligate the radial artery, cephalic vein and other autogenous blood vessels; does not have the occurrence of "steal blood syndrome", and leave little trauma after the removal.



1. Stable chemical properties, good biocompatibility and good hydrophilicity;

2. The tube body is soft and elastic, reducing the damage to the inner wall of blood vessels and preventing the tube body from being distorted;

3. Smooth inner and outer wall of the tube, protect the inner wall of the blood vessel, effectively prevent thrombosis, and reduce the resistance of catheterization;

4. No scale tube body, indicating the need to put all the tube body into the body;

5. The whole tube body can be developed under X-ray to facilitate positioning;

6. Oval cavity design increases the flow rate of the tube body, and it is easy to recanalize the tube with guide wire after embolization.


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