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Advantages of full ABS bedside table


Advantages of full ABS bedside table


The all-ABS bedside table is made of all-ABS reinforced plastic injection molded in one go. It is lightweight, strong, resistant to aging, fading, acid and alkali corrosion, and is easy to clean. The cabinet has built-in movable partitions and is height-adjustable.

Introduction to all ABS bedside tables

ABS bedside tables can also be called medical bedside tables. The product consists of a top plate, dining table board, drawer, outer frame, towel rack, sundries hook, box, partition, etc. All components are made of ABS engineering plastic injection molding. The weight of the entire product is based on The production process and materials used by each manufacturer are different, basically between 9 and 15kg, and the top load-bearing weight is generally not more than 46kg. Medical units can ask the manufacturer to add or remove accessories on the ABS bedside table according to their own needs. Aquarius, casters, etc. can also be customized in product color in order to achieve visual unity with other indoor products. Packaging: ABS bedside tables are generally packed in cartons, and some are packed in wooden boxes for safety during transportation. Because of the high cost, they are generally only for small batches. ABS bedside tables have been assembled by the manufacturer when leaving the factory, and can generally be placed out of the box. Use in place. Medical bedside tables are also made of other materials, such as stainless steel, wood, iron, etc.

Advantages of full ABS bedside table

1. Strong and durable. The whole body is injection molded with ABS material, which has high material strength and requires wear resistance, scratch resistance, and corrosion resistance (acid and alkali resistance, etc.). The cabinet door handle features are in line with ergonomic principles. There is a magnet door catch on the inside of the cabinet door, and a layer of iron sheet is added inside to make it stronger and more durable.

2. Simple structure. The bedside table consists of a cabinet body, a cover, a cabinet door, a drawer, a pull panel, a towel rack, etc. The pull panel is designed with a slot for a water cup and a thermometer.

3. Easy to use. The front bedside table of the cabinet is in the shape of an arc, and there are folding hidden towel racks on the left and right sides. They can be extended when needed and folded when not in use. They are placed on the side of the cabinet with an angle range of 90 degrees.

Full ABS bedside table features

1. There are many big differences between medical bedside tables and other household side tables. First of all, the composition of materials. Household furniture is generally made of wood, which is relatively expensive. Medical bedside tables are generally made of plastic and iron, which are cheap.

2. Shape design. Household bedside tables are carefully designed and have many different shapes to supply home users with different needs.

3. Medical care emphasizes practicality, simplicity and convenience.

4. Medical bedside tables are divided into materials, including ABS bedside tables, stainless steel bedside tables and cold-rolled steel bedside tables.

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