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Baby incubator function


Baby incubator function


The baby incubator consists of a temperature controller, a skin temperature sensor, a temperature control module, a baby cabin, a lifting frame and an infusion stand. This product is suitable for body temperature preservation and care of newborns, sick babies, and premature babies.

Introduction to baby incubator

There are two temperature control modes: box temperature and skin temperature.

LED LCD display and provides information review function.

It has data storage curve display function.

With humidity control function and oxygen concentration control function.

Triple over-temperature protection with dual CPU control system and independent over-temperature cut-off device.

>37℃ temperature setting function.

The box body adopts a plastic mold streamline shape and adopts an air circulation system with front and rear air outlets.

Made of imported organic glass.

Double-layer thermostatic cover with operating doors in both front and rear directions.

An X-ray box can be placed under the bed.

Embedded integrated sensor box, drawer-type water tank.

The water tank is made of PES plastic, and the entire water tank can be directly sterilized using the "high temperature and high pressure" method.

Volute air duct and AC and DC centrifugal motors generate boost.

The front panel has a temperature correctable function.

The skin temperature sensor has shedding protection function.

The baby cabin has an automatic locking function when closing the door.

The inclination angle of the crib is infinitely adjustable.

It has the height adjustment function of the whole machine.

The product has self-test function and various fault alarm prompts.

Infant incubator indications

1. Immature infants weighing less than 2500g or infants who are small for gestational age.

2. Those who weigh more than 2500g but cannot maintain normal body temperature at room temperature for a long time.

3. Diseases need to be placed in an incubator for observation.

4. Those who need to be exposed in an incubator due to disease.

Baby incubator principle

1. The baby incubator control system uses computer technology to implement servo control of the temperature inside the box (box temperature/skin temperature), and performs proportional heating control based on the set temperature and the actual measured temperature.

2. The internal air is adjusted using the principle of thermal convection to create an excellent environment with suitable air, suitable temperature and humidity, warm and comfortable, similar to the mother's womb, so as to cultivate and care for the baby.

3. It adopts a unique double-layer constant temperature cover mechanism and has an automatic thermal insulation air curtain, which can effectively avoid the loss of heat in the box when the front door is opened for care.

4. The crib adopts a 0-5° stepless adjustable lifting mechanism, which is convenient for baby care and has strong clinical practicability. Ultra-quiet technology is used to open the operating window and change the bed angle to avoid affecting the baby's rest or waking the baby due to the care of medical staff.

5. Temperature control uses split-screen display of the set temperature and actual measured temperature, making operation clear at a glance.

6. The baby incubator has an automatic alarm function for sensor, over-temperature, fan, deviation, power interruption and other faults. Among them, the unique automatic alarm function of incorrect sensor placement and low fan speed ensures the safety and reliability of the product. greatly improved.

Baby incubator function

The main components of the infant incubator include the main unit (including infant cabin, chassis, control box, infusion pole and tray), sensor box, skin temperature sensor, base (cabinet or lifting cabinet), radiation light box (jaundice treatment device) (optional) accessories) and weighing device (optional accessories).

A baby cabin is a device for placing a baby, including a thermostatic cover, a crib, etc. The thermostatic cover adopts the form of a double-layer thermostatic cover, and the front main door baffle can be equipped with a slow-down function.

The incubator has a temperature control system and a humidity control system. The temperature control system includes two control working modes: air mode and skin temperature mode. Control of temperature heating output in air mode: Automatically control the heat output of the heater based on the air temperature detected by the temperature sensor in the infant incubator; Control of temperature heating output in skin temperature mode: Based on the baby's skin temperature detected by the temperature sensor to automatically control the heat output of the heater. Humidity control system: Automatically control the humidifier in the water tank based on the humidity detected by the humidity sensor in the baby incubator.

The base is used as an auxiliary part to support the incubator and other components and provide the corresponding working height as required. The radiation light box (jaundice treatment device) has the function of treating excessive bilirubin in infants. The weighing system has the function of monitoring changes in the baby's weight at any time.

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