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Correct Use And Precautions Of Medical Pendant


1.Explosion hazard: This equipment is strictly prohibited to be used in places with explosion hazard.

Correct Use And Precautions Of Medical Pendant

2. Personal injury or equipment damage: The installation of the pendant bracket must be installed by professional equipment installers, and the expansion bolts must be tightened to be firm and reliable to avoid equipment falling and causing personal injury or equipment damage.

3. The pendant carries various instruments, equipment, infusion bottle racks, etc. It is strictly forbidden to exceed the specified maximum carrying capacity to avoid the sudden drop of the pendant due to overload, resulting in personal injury or equipment damage.

4. Electric shock injury: Before non-professionals or without understanding the technical performance of this equipment, it is strictly forbidden to engage in the repair or maintenance of the electrical part.

5. Non-professional installers are strictly prohibited from installing, connecting or adjusting the medical gas pipeline interface to prevent personal injury caused by the wrong connection of medical gas.

From this point of view, the consequences of improper use of the   medical pendant  are extremely serious. In order to avoid the above-mentioned situations, we must insist on: it is strictly forbidden to clean the surface of the power socket when the power is not turned off; Only by paying attention to these details and mastering these basic common sense can we reduce the chance of making mistakes and avoid the above-mentioned situations to the greatest extent.

Precautions when using  ICU medical pendant:

The first point is to strengthen the safety awareness. For the staff engaged in the operation room pendant, in order to achieve safe operation, their own safety awareness also needs to be cultivated and their own safety awareness needs to be strengthened.

The second point is to strengthen professional ability. For equipment management personnel engaged in operating room pendants, they must have certain professional abilities. If they are not enough, please consciously strengthen them.

The third point is the application requirements of the operating room pendant components. The performance indicators of each component of the operating room pendant need to be checked regularly. If any unqualified situation is found, it needs to be dealt with in time, otherwise there will be great impact.

The fourth point is to focus on the maintenance of the operating room pendant. In daily use, the maintenance of the operating room pendant should be done frequently, so that the equipment can be used for a long time.

The medical pendant is a relatively delicate instrument. It must be safe when using it. Only the safe use of the operating room pendant can ensure the safety of the operation. Therefore, safety is the first premise, which we need to attach great importance to. Everyone must Take the time to understand.

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