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Correct Wearing Steps Of Medical Disposable Protective Clothing



Before wearing medical disposable protective clothing, do good hand hygiene to prevent hand bacteria or other pollutants from contaminating the protective clothing. Wearing medical disposable protective clothing also needs to remove personal items such as jewelry, watches, mobile phones, etc., wear work shoes or rubber boots , Wear a disposable work cap, and do a good job in all aspects of protection.

Detailed wearing steps of medical disposable protective clothing :

1. Correctly select the type of medical protective clothing according to the use environment.

2. Be sure to choose the correct size of medical protective clothing. Too big or too small cannot guarantee a good protective effect.

3. Read the instructions and precautions before wearing, in case the structure of some protective clothing is different from the conventional one.

4. Before wearing, unfold the hood of the medical protective clothing to face you, and the opening is upward.

5. When wearing, open the neck and chest of the medical protective clothing, first put both legs into the pants, put on the top, fasten the belt, and adjust the protective clothing to the most comfortable state.

6. Wear protective gloves and wear waterproof shoe covers, and fix the interface between the shoe covers and the protective clothing with tape to prevent them from falling off.

7. Wear other protective equipment suitable for the face, such as: wearing a protective hood or face shield or goggles.

8. Check the suitability of protective clothing. If it is not suitable, replace it in time.

How to properly take off the disposable protective clothing?

1. When the outer layer of personal protective equipment has visible pollutants, it should be wiped and disinfected.

2. Take off the outer latex gloves and waterproof shoe covers.

3. Take off protective clothing. When taking off gloves, retract both hands into the cuffs and grasp the inner sleeves, take off the gloves and shirt with both hands behind your back, then insert your hands into the waistband of your trousers and turn out to take off your trousers.

4. Take off the protective goggles and medical protective mask.

5. Remove the inner layer of disposable gloves, and then wash your hands.

6. Change back to personal clothing.

7. When discarding used protective clothing, you must strictly abide by the relevant regulations, and properly dispose of the used protective clothing in accordance with the classification of medical waste.

8. When taking off the protective clothing, if the protective clothing is contaminated, the contaminated surface should be wrapped in it and discarded to the specified location in accordance with regulations to avoid expanding pollution.

Medical disposable protective clothing is a sanitary product, in principle, it can only be used once. In order to avoid cross-infection and ensure the protective effect of protective clothing, it is best not to reuse disposable protective clothing.

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