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Daily Application Of Medical Nursing Cart



Medical nursing Trolley are suitable for storage and handling of medical products in wards, pharmacies, and medical products.

1. The medical nursing Trolley is made of new materials such as stainless steel (201 or 304), which has the advantages of anti-corrosion, anti-rust and easy cleaning.

2. The wheels of the medical nursing cart are heavy-duty anti-static PU universal wheels with brakes.

Custom function:

①Single-sided or double-sided push rods can be customized as needed.

②The number of brakeable universal wheels can be adjusted as needed.

special function:

①The stainless steel surface can be electrostatically sprayed and baked in various colors according to customer preferences. Various colors, random, more beautiful and durable.

② Various sizes and specifications can be customized according to customer needs.

In the era of rapid development, with the continuous improvement of people's lives, social and public services are also constantly improving. As far as the medical field is concerned, the reduction of hospitalization costs and the burden of medication, and the improvement of the conditions of hospitals and medical staff are all manifestations of the development of the times. The research and development of the hospital medical mobile cart can be a good tool for medical staff to patrol the house or deal with emergency matters.

The main features are strong maneuverability, lightweight products, medical mute wheels, and lifting adjustment.

The quality of the product depends on the details. As the saying goes, details make or break.

Let's start with the cart's bottom seat stability/casters. The whole is made of aluminum alloy, which is firm and stable. Low noise design of casters. There are four wheels in total, and the first two wheels have locking/braking functions, which can effectively control the sliding of the cart. The casters are designed to rotate flexibly, which is convenient for medical staff to work. The wheel has the characteristics of antibacterial, antistatic, impact resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, and no noise. Suitable for medical environment.

Handles for lifting and adjustment are designed under the working table of the nursing trolley. Press and hold the handle to adjust the height range of the host, which is simple, convenient and flexible. The lifting adjustment range of the host is 400mm, which is suitable for different people and occasions.

Nursing carts are medical mobile carts developed for hospitals. Every link is strictly required by medical standards, and the quality is controllable. Become a paramedic and increase your productivity in nursing rounds and ward rounds.

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