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Focused Ultrasound Therapy Apparatus, A New Weapon For Treating Pain!


Pain is an unpleasant feeling, and it is also a signal source of disease and trauma. Pain treatment has become a very important topic in recent years. More and more doctors have begun to pay attention to the treatment of patient pain. Many hospitals have also opened pain clinics. Provide pain treatment so that patients do not have to endure fearless pain.

Pain is not like the intuitive clinical symptoms such as bleeding and fracture, and most of the pain is sudden and no cause can be found. Therefore, how to relieve pain, how to accurately treat pain, and do systematic treatment has become the focus of current research. important topic.

Traditional pain treatment methods include: intramuscular injection, intravenous injection and oral analgesics, etc. However, both injection and drug treatment have certain limitations, and the dosage should be strictly controlled.

New treatment modality: ultrasound therapy


Equipment principle:

1. Mechanical action

Massage the intracellular substance to enhance the permeability of the cell membrane and stimulate the diffusion of the cell semi-permeable membrane.

2. Thermal effect

The ultrasonic frequency is high, the energy is large, and when it is absorbed by the medium, it produces a significant thermal effect

3. Cavitation

Changing the critical distance between molecules, rearrangement of lipid particles in biological membranes, tissue membranes, and cell membranes

4. Introduce osmosis

Continuous ultrasonic waves cause ions of different masses in human tissue fluid to have different motion speeds. The difference in motion speeds causes friction between ions and accelerates drug introduction.


Ultrasound therapy instrument UT-1000

1. Pain relief

Ultrasonic therapeutic apparatus can promote the local blood circulation of the diseased tissue of the body, strengthen the metabolism, reduce the excitability of the sensory nerve and achieve the effect of pain relief. It has the advantages of simple operation, no time limit, no toxic and side effects, etc.

Ultrasound has definite pain relief effect on temporomandibular joint pain, facial pain, neck and shoulder pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and other painful diseases.


2. Postoperative Rehabilitation

Ultrasound has a good therapeutic effect on surgical rehabilitation, prevention of postoperative complications, preoperative preparation and postoperative recovery, as well as relieving various postoperative pains and inflammatory absorption such as tissue fluid discharge.


3. Arthritis Treatment

●Raise tissue temperature, improve local blood circulation and nutrition, promote edema absorption and inflammation dissipation;

●Enhance tissue metabolism, improve tissue regeneration ability and pH value;

●Reduce the excitability of peripheral nerves, reduce nerve conduction velocity, and have the effect of analgesia and autonomic regulation;

●Ultrasonic can promote the penetration of drugs into the human body, and play the dual role of drugs and ultrasound;

Ultrasound can also be used to break up coagulation in the gallbladder and bladder coagulation;

4. Recovery after liposuction

Ultrasound is selective, that is, different tissues absorb it differently. Since adipose tissue has a higher absorption rate of ultrasound than surrounding blood vessels, nerves and muscle tissue, and fat cells will rapidly rupture under the cavitation effect of ultrasound, ultrasound can be used to remove excess adipose tissue for human body shaping. Ultrasound therapy for patients after liposuction can stimulate tissue healing through thermal effect, relieve pain, significantly shorten swelling, ecchymosis subsidence time and scar softening time, and promote patient recovery.


With the improvement of people's quality of life, people's requirements for quality of life are also constantly improving. Even if they are in a disease state, they hope that the pain caused by the disease can be effectively controlled. The ultrasonic therapeutic apparatus developed and produced by Puluo Medical can effectively relieve local and postoperative , joint and other pain, bring a qualitative leap to the quality of life of patients, no longer need to endure pain. 

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