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Function Introduction Of Electric Nursing Bed


Speaking of the electric multifunctional hospital bed , it is actually a product designed with a combination of a standing bed and a hospital bed. It can be used for rehabilitation care. It is very suitable for patients who need to be cared for at home. Of course, it can also facilitate early rehabilitation work.

What is the role of the electric multifunctional hospital bed?

1. Nursing, if there is a paralyzed patient in a family or a patient with a special disease who cannot live on their own, the patient's nursing work needs to be shared by the family, which is equivalent to putting a certain amount of pressure on the family.

Ordinary hospital beds or household beds cannot play a nursing role, especially for some getting up operations. If there is no electric hospital bed as an aid, it needs to be lifted and lowered manually, which will not only make the patient feel uncomfortable, but also bring a lot of stress to the nursing staff. work intensity.

In addition, the electric multifunctional hospital bed has many functions, for example, it can have a device that is convenient for urination and defecation, it can be convenient for the patient to sit, stand, eat, etc., and the multi-angle folding can also allow the patient to have some activities even on the bed. , so that the body does not remain in the same position for a long time.

2. Rehabilitation, for surgical patients, or patients who have just been injured and are recovering , it can also be easily cared for, and at the same time, for the recovered patients, it can also strengthen the confidence of recovery and make early plans for recovery.

Fold over

Long-term bedridden patients, such as paralysis, coma, and partial trauma, need to turn over frequently to prevent bedsores. Manual turning over requires more than 1 to 2 people to complete. The nursing bed for paralyzed patients enables the patient to turn around at any angle from 0 to 60 degrees. After turning over, the nursing staff can assist the patient to adjust the sleeping position on the side, so that the patient can rest more comfortably. The multifunctional widening nursing bed is more humanized in design, the nursing work is further improved, and the nursing work is easier. The nursing bed for paralyzed patients can not only turn over automatically, but also turn over as a whole at regular intervals

fold back

The back-lifting angle is: 0-75°, so that the back can be raised slowly and adjusted to the best posture at will.

Folding anti-slip

With the function of the back, when the back bed plate is raised from 0° to 30°, the support plate from the hip to the knee joint of the care recipient is raised upwards by about 12°, and remains unchanged when the back bed plate continues to be raised. Prevent the human body from sliding towards the end of the bed.

Fold up back to prevent sideslip

As the sitting-up angle of the human body continues to increase, the bedboards on both sides move inward in a semi-enclosed form, preventing the care recipient from tipping to one side when sitting and standing.

Fold up back without squeezing

In the process of lifting the back, the back plate slides upwards. The back plate is relatively static relative to the back of the human body, which can truly realize no pressure on the back.

Folding sensor toilet

After the user drops 1 drop of urine (10 drops, used according to the user's condition), the bedpan is opened in about 9 seconds, and an early warning is issued to remind the nursing staff of the user's dynamics and clean up.

Folding toilet function

It only takes 5 seconds to open the electric bedpan. With the function of raising the back and bending the legs, it can realize the sitting and standing defecation of the human body, which is convenient for cleaning up the care recipient.

Folding shampoo function

Remove the mattress at the head of the nursing bed for paralyzed patients, and insert it into the special shampoo basin equipped with the nursing bed for paralyzed patients.

Folding foot wash function

The foot of the bed can be removed, and with the wheelchair function, it is more convenient to wash the patient's feet and massage.

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