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How Does A Vacuum Blood Collection Tube Collect Blood? What Is The Principle?


How Does A Vacuum Blood Collection Tube Collect Blood

Speaking of vacuum blood collection tube, in fact, this is a kind of vacuum negative pressure blood collection tube. It is a collection tube for specimens and a detection tube. The quantitative vacuum in the blood collection tube provides a certain power for the process of blood collection, so as to realize quantitative collection. Whether the vacuum setting in the blood collection tube is ready or not also has a relatively large impact on the test results.

Compared with traditional blood collection technology, vacuum blood collection technology has significant advantages. As a common vacuum blood collection technology for human beings, my country has made great progress in the manufacture and application of vacuum blood collection tubes.

The vacuum blood collection technology was invented in 1937. Since the invention of the product, it has been improving day by day. After the reform and opening up, the product flowed into my country. Today, the domestic vacuum blood collection tube has occupied the leading position in the medical market, and the vacuum blood collection tube With increasing popularity, it gradually replaces the method of blood collection by syringe, which standardizes blood collection technology and improves the quality and speed of testing specimens.

There are many types of vacuum blood collection tubes, and because the vacuum blood collection tube completes the blood collection procedure under a fully closed system, the possibility of blood contamination and cross infection is fundamentally excluded; and because of its simple structure and convenient use, it is easy to popularize and use. promotion.

With the large-scale use of automated instruments, the clinical requirements for blood preservation are getting higher and higher, and higher requirements are also placed on the stability of the original characteristics of blood samples. Therefore, vacuum blood collection tubes not only need high precision, but also their accuracy. , The original properties of the specimen, the maintenance time, the coordination of the tube machine, the strength of the test tube and other performance indicators can be used as the basis for evaluating the quality of the vacuum blood collection tube.

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