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How Does The Cervical Spine Massager Work?

  1. The working principle of cervical spine massager 

    1) The low-frequency pulse massage is to contact the skin with the electrode sheet, and the massage effect is achieved through the electric frequency pulse.

    Through the low-frequency therapy principle of TENS pulse current, the pulse current of low frequency (<1000HZ), small current (<100mA), low voltage (<100V) is used to act on nerves or muscles, etc., thereby promoting local circulation, improving muscle state, and relieving acute and chronic diseases. pain.

    Low-frequency pulse massage stimulates the contraction of muscles by controlling the frequency and frequency band of low-frequency pulse currents, and then relaxes muscles, so there will be a crisp and numb current feeling. Combined with hot compresses, it can improve blood circulation in the neck, reduce lactic acid accumulation, and relieve Cervical muscle tension and pain.

    2. The physical kneading massage combines the methods of pushing, holding, soft, pinching and pressing of traditional Chinese medicine, and simulates different massage effects through the operation of the massage head.

    Through the mechanical method combined with the meridian of traditional Chinese medicine to imitate the human hand, all kinds of massage techniques are realistic, and the muscles are relaxed. The more massage heads, the more flexible, the more comfortable it will be.

    2. Precautions for cervical spine massager

    1). According to different massage functions, choose different types of cervical spine massagers. According to different massage parts, choose the corresponding massage head to install on the massager.

    2). Select the switch "strong" and "weak" positions according to your needs. When starting to use, you can first adjust the switch to the "weak" position. After massaging for a while, if there is no discomfort, you can adjust the switch to the "strong" position.

    3). After fasting, full food, drinking and strenuous exercise, you should avoid using the cervical spine massager, especially strong stimulation massage, because it will further accelerate the blood flow rate and enhance the peristalsis of the smooth muscle of the stomach, causing nausea, vomiting, chest tightness, etc. Shortness of breath and other discomfort.

    4). During operation, the arm of the massager will vibrate, which is a normal phenomenon. If you feel uncomfortable, wrap some soft objects such as sponges to reduce arm vibration.

    5). The use time of the cervical spine massager is generally up to 30 minutes. If you feel unwell during or after the massage, you should stop using it.

    6). When using the cervical spine massager, you sweat a lot. Dry it with a towel and then massage it, which is safe and effective.

    7). During the use of the cervical spine massager, if there are abnormal phenomena such as the vibrator does not move, the vibration is loose or the sound is too loud, you should immediately turn off the switch, unplug the power plug, check carefully, and use it after troubleshooting.

    After understanding the working principle of the cervical spine massager, you can better choose the cervical spine massager that suits you. Generally speaking, the physical kneading cervical spine massager is more suitable for most people.

    Although the cervical spine massager is small, it is also an electrical appliance. Pay attention to the safety of electricity when using it.

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