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How Much Do You Know About Medical Equipment?



With the continuous improvement of the current level of science and technology, medical equipment is also constantly developing and improving, which is also an important symbol of modernization. Medical equipment has also become an important field of modern medicine. The development of medical treatment depends to a large extent on the development of instruments, and medical equipmentin Guizhou is also constantly developing and improving. Medical equipment refers to instruments, equipment, utensils, materials or other items used alone or in combination for the human body, including the required software. The treatment of the human body surface and body is not obtained through pharmacology, immunology or metabolism, but medical device products have played a certain auxiliary role.

There are three categories of classification methods advocated by medical equipment, namely diagnostic equipment, therapeutic equipment and auxiliary equipment.

1. Diagnostic equipment can be divided into eight categories: X-ray diagnostic equipment, ultrasonic diagnostic equipment, functional inspection equipment, endoscopy equipment, nuclear medicine equipment, experimental diagnostic equipment and pathological diagnostic equipment.

2. Treatment equipment can be divided into 10 categories: ward nursing equipment (beds, carts, oxygen cylinders, gastric lavage machines, needle-free syringes, etc.); , stools, cabinets, including microsurgery equipment); radiation therapy equipment (contact therapy machine, superficial therapy machine, deep therapy machine, accelerator, 60 cobalt therapy machine, radium or 137 cesium intracavitary therapy and post-installation device therapy, etc. ); nuclear medicine treatment equipment - treatment methods include internal radiation therapy, application therapy and colloid therapy; physical and chemical equipment (generally can be divided into phototherapy business, electrotherapy equipment, ultrasonic treatment and sulfur therapy equipment); laser equipment— Medical laser generators (commonly used are ruby laser, helium-neon laser, carbon dioxide laser, argon ion laser and YAG laser, etc.); dialysis treatment equipment (commonly used artificial kidneys include flat artificial kidney and tubular artificial kidney); Body temperature freezing equipment (semiconductor cold knife, gas cold knife and solid cold knife, etc.); emergency equipment (cardiac defibrillation and pacing equipment, artificial respirator, ultrasonic nebulizer, etc.); other treatment equipment (hyperbaric oxygen chamber, ophthalmic high Frequency electric chromium device, electromagnetic iron absorber, vitreous body cutter, blood adult separator, etc.). Guizhou Medical Equipment reminds everyone that these are all special treatment equipment for each department.

3. Auxiliary equipment can be divided into the following categories: disinfection and sterilization equipment, refrigeration equipment, suction and oxygen supply system, air conditioning equipment, pharmaceutical machinery equipment, blood bank equipment, medical data processing equipment, medical video and photography equipment, etc. During the use of medical equipment, it is intended to achieve the following intended purposes: prevention, diagnosis, treatment, monitoring, and mitigation of diseases; diagnosis, treatment, monitoring, mitigation, and compensation of injuries or disabilities; research and replacement of anatomical or physiological processes , regulation; pregnancy control.

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