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Medium frequency electrotherapy instrument, the function and side effects of medium frequency electrotherapy instrument


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The medium-frequency therapeutic instrument is a kind of electrotherapy, which uses 1KHz-100KHz current for treatment. The low-intermediate frequency therapeutic instrument, which has been widely used in China for more than 20 years, is based on the original low-frequency therapeutic instrument (electroacupuncture instrument). Some mid-frequency components are introduced.

The intermediate frequency therapeutic instrument has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects; exercise muscle; promote blood circulation; soften scars and loosen adhesions. Widely used in clinical practice, it is also one of the necessary products for rehabilitation physiotherapy departments at all levels.

1. Type: modulated intermediate frequency, interference signal

2. Features: small impedance, more passing current, deeper effect

3. Function: relieve pain, exercise muscles, promote local blood circulation, soften scars, and loosen adhesions.

Features of medium frequency electrotherapy instrument

1. Analgesic effect

a) Masking effect

A certain frequency of medium-frequency current can cause comfortable tremors and muscle tremors, and excite the thick fibers that mainly transmit the sense of touch and pressure, covering up the pain sensation transmitted by thin fibers and c fibers. Analgesic effect. This is the so-called masking effect. Tremor induced by intermediate frequency current is an appropriate stimulus for masking effect.

b) The theory of producing analgesic substances

Studies have proved that after the human body is electrically stimulated, the nervous system can release some substances with analgesic effect (endorphins), which increase the content in nerve tissue, cerebrospinal fluid and even plasma. So as to achieve the purpose of pain relief.

c) Gate Control Theory

Intermediate frequency current can cause obvious tremor and muscle tremor, easy to excite thick fibers, excite SG cells, and close the gate. Inhibit the activity of T cells, thereby reducing or hindering the transmission of pain impulses to the central nervous system, so as to achieve the purpose of analgesia.

2. Build muscle

Similar to the low frequency pulse current, the intermediate frequency current modulated by the low frequency of 1-150Hz can cause muscle contraction. It is used to exercise muscles, prevent muscle atrophy, improve smooth muscle strength, and adjust autonomic nerve function. The medium frequency current has little irritation to the skin and is not easy to cause pain; it has no electrolytic effect and is not easy to damage the skin, which is conducive to long-term treatment; the human body has good tolerance, and the current has a greater depth of action.

3. Improve blood circulation

Intermediate frequency promotes local tissue blood circulation and lymphatic reflux. The skin hyperemia reaction is not obvious when the current is applied once and immediately after stopping the effect, but it is more obvious after stopping the treatment for 10-15 minutes. Among several intermediate frequency currents, the effect of the intermediate frequency current modulated at a low frequency of 50-100 Hz is stronger.

Intermediate frequency current has a good therapeutic effect on some chronic non-specific inflammation. It is mainly due to the improvement of local blood circulation after the application of intermediate frequency current, the acceleration of absorption and transportation of inflammatory products, the enhancement of nutrition and metabolism of local tissues, and the improvement of immune function.

4. Soften scars and loosen adhesions

Intermediate frequency current has a good effect on softening scars and loosening adhesions. Because medium-frequency current stimulation can expand the gap between cells and tissues, the adhesive connective tissue fibers, muscle fibers, nerve fibers, etc. will move and then separate.

The specific operation of the medium frequency electrotherapy instrument

Different current prescriptions can be selected according to the patient's condition, and the two electrodes are opposed or juxtaposed to the treatment site. The intensity of the therapeutic current depends on the tolerance of the patient. When the current is turned on, there will be tremors, twitching sensation or muscle contraction under the electrode, which is easy to tolerate. Generally, each prescription is treated for 15-20 minutes, once a day, and 7-15 days is a course of treatment.

Applicable range of medium frequency electrotherapy instrument

Rehabilitation Department: Frozen shoulder, lumbar disc herniation, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic prostatitis myositis, delayed fracture union, Raynaud's disease, etc.

Neurology: suitable for migraine. Tension headache, trigeminal neuralgia, brachial plexus and intercostal neuralgia, autonomic dysfunction, sleep disturbance, peripheral nerve injury.

Otorhinolaryngology and Obstetrics: All infections and chronic diseases are treated according to the cause.

Scar, scar contracture, postoperative adhesion, intestinal adhesion, post-inflammatory sclerosis, post-injection induration, penile induration, hematoma organization, stenosing tenosynovitis, muscle dysfunction after nerve or muscle injury, disuse muscular atrophy, surgery Hindgut paralysis, urinary retention, constipation, vocal cord paralysis, gastroptosis, etc.

Precautions for the use of intermediate frequency therapeutic equipment

1. The conductive surface of the silicone rubber electrode should be kept fully moist, otherwise there will be obvious acupuncture. Apply water directly on the black conductive surface of the electrode sheet, or pad a cotton cloth completely soaked in water. Note that the cotton cloth should be flat and whole, one piece on each of the two electrodes, and it is forbidden to use rough cloth such as towels.

2. Please keep away from the interference environment, do not use mobile phones, high-frequency electricity, strong magnetic field such as microwave, ultrashort wave and other equipment; please use an independent power socket to power the physiotherapy device.

3. It is suggested that the output intensity should not be greater than 40mA. When the patient still has no feeling, stop the operation and check whether the therapeutic device is malfunctioning.

4. After the electrode is fixed to the human body, do not switch the power supply to avoid electric shock. The electrodes should be fixed after turning on the machine and removed before turning off the machine.

5. Regularly check whether the electrode plate is aging; whether the electrode wire is loose at the interface of the fuselage; whether the electrode wire and the electrode plate are in poor contact; There will be black oxide attached to it, please remove it before use).

6. After 1-2 courses of treatment for the same patient (1 course of treatment is 7-10 days), it should be used intermittently for 3-5 days to achieve better curative effect.

7. During the treatment, it is strictly forbidden to move the fixed electrode plate at will, so as to prevent the electrode plate from loosening and shocking the patient.

8. When the silicon rubber silicon electrode plate has been used for more than 3 to 5 months, the resistance should be checked. When the resistance exceeds 200Ω, a new electrode needs to be replaced. Please use a multimeter to measure the resistance of the opposite corner of the electrode sheet or connect the output line to the electrode sheet to measure the resistance together (you can also send the electrode sheet back to the factory for measurement).

Effects and side effects of medium frequency electrotherapy instrument

The role of medium frequency electrotherapy instrument

The treatment principle of the medium-frequency therapeutic instrument is a new type of physical therapy instrument combining modern electronics, magnetic therapy and traditional Chinese medicine viscera and meridians. Its treatment mode for the human body is similar to the acupuncture and moxibustion method of traditional Chinese medicine physiotherapy. It uses intermediate frequency pulse current to dredge different acupuncture points of the human body, thus achieving various therapeutic effects such as heat therapy, acupuncture and electrotherapy in traditional Chinese medicine. It is an exaggeration to say that owning an intermediate frequency therapeutic device is compared to hiring a Chinese medicine physiotherapist at home, and you can use it whenever and wherever you want, which can save a lot of time. Of course, there is no doubt about the effect of using the intermediate frequency therapeutic instrument.

Side effects of intermediate frequency therapeutic apparatus

In terms of the safety of use, after all, the intermediate frequency therapeutic instrument operates through electric current. If the product itself has quality problems, there may be leakage of electricity, which will pose a safety hazard. Reliable big brand. Then, when using the therapeutic device, if the current load is unstable, it will not only damage the device itself, but also endanger the user. Therefore, if using the intermediate frequency therapeutic device, it must be protected against short circuit to ensure the safety of electricity use.

Electronic therapy devices should also have corresponding safety protection functions. If the safety of the therapeutic instrument itself is not good, it may cause new physical damage to consumers. When the dealer says "very safe", consumers can quickly identify whether it has some important safety protection functions by simply browsing the instruction manual of the instrument or simply operating the instrument.

However, during the treatment process of the intermediate frequency therapeutic instrument, the current will fluctuate greatly due to the instability of the load, which may not only damage the instrument, but more importantly, cause electric shock to the patient, and the safety of the treatment is not good. This instrument does not meet industry standard requirements for current stability. The therapeutic device has no short-circuit protection function, nor does it have a constant current source output function. The short circuit protection function is to protect the therapeutic device from being damaged due to the short circuit of the output line, and the constant current source output function is to protect the user, and the output current will not fluctuate to ensure the safety of treatment.

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