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The characteristics and sterilization principle of vertical high pressure steam sterilizer


The characteristics and sterilization principle of vertical high pressure steam sterilizer


 Vertical high-pressure steam sterilizer  is a device that uses saturated steam to sterilize medical instruments, dressings, liquid medicine, glassware, etc. It has the advantages of excellent effect, simple operation, safety and reliability. It is suitable for use in medical treatment, printing and dyeing, scientific research, food, health care stations and other units. It is an ideal sterilization equipment.

Product features of vertical high pressure steam sterilizer :

1. It adopts microcomputer control system, touch buttons, and digital display; it is equipped with a perfect fault alarm system, and the fault information can be prompted in real time (safer to use, rest assured).

2. Fully automatic working procedures: water injection, exhaust, temperature rise, sterilization, drying and other working processes are fully automated without personnel supervision.

3. Handwheel translational door opening structure, self-expanding sealing ring; anti-scald door cover protection, effectively protecting the safety of operators.

4. Fast exhaust and slow exhaust can be set (applicable to food packaging, liquid, etc.), built-in water tank, and internal circulation of soda.

5. There are seven sterilization procedures: There are different sterilization procedures for bare instruments, instrument bags, rubber, dressings, liquids, culture media (optional), food packaging, etc., and one-click selection to execute sterilization.

6. Built-in two stainless steel baskets.

Sterilization principle of vertical high pressure steam sterilizer :

It is designed to use the principle of damp heat to kill microorganisms. The principle of sterilization is to use the principle of gravity displacement, so that the steam flows from top to bottom in the sterilizer, and the cold air is discharged from the lower exhaust hole. The discharged cold air is replaced by saturated steam, and the latent heat released by the steam is used to sterilize the items. . The advantage of using the moist heat sterilization method is that the steam has a strong bactericidal effect, which can increase the water content of the bacterial protein, make it easy to solidify due to heat, and accelerate the death process of microorganisms.

The vertical high-pressure steam sterilizer has powerful safety protection functions :

1. Heating protection device: When the heater exceeds the set temperature, the system will automatically cut off the power supply of the heater and display an alarm message;

2. Anti-dry heating alarm device: when the water level is lower than the heating tube, the anti-dry heating device will automatically cut off the heating power supply and display the alarm information;

3. Door safety interlock device: The product complies with the requirements of the "Pressure Vessel Safety Technology Supervision Regulations". Only when the door is closed in place can the working procedure be started. If there is pressure in the cavity, the door lock will automatically close and cannot be opened;

4. Over-temperature and over-pressure protection device: When the temperature and pressure inside the sterilization chamber exceed the safe range, the system will automatically start the temperature and pressure reduction program to ensure that the sterilized items are not damaged;

5. Overpressure self-releasing safety valve: When the pressure in the sterilization chamber exceeds the set pressure, the safety valve opens to release the pressure.

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