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The Difference Between The Gynecological Examination Bed And The Delivery Bed




gynecological examination bed belongs to the technical field of medical appliances. So, what is the difference between a gynecological examination bed and a delivery bed?

Many women who have done gynecological examinations have been exposed to gynecological examination beds and delivery beds. It has the characteristics of convenient operation, light and flexible, simple structure, beautiful appearance, low price and practicality. So, do you know the difference between a gynecological examination bed and a maternity bed? The following editor will share this knowledge, hoping to help you.

The gynecological examination bed is also known as the gynecological operating table. It is not much different from the birthing bed, and it is basically universal. It is an auxiliary medical equipment that provides various hospitals, clinics, family planning stations and mobile gynecological examination vehicles for various gynecological examinations, diagnostic operations and family planning examinations. This series of products can arbitrarily adjust various body positions of patients when they visit a doctor according to the actual situation.

Structural requirement 1: The structural design is very optimized. Because the gynecological examination bed needs to play a lot of different functions when it is applied, and it needs to play well in each function before it can realize the optimized application. Therefore, for this kind of equipment, it is required that its structure meets the requirement of very optimized structural design.

Structural requirement 2: The structural composition is very reasonable. Whether it is from the optimal structural design of the gynecological examination bed or whether it can have a stable structure in application, it is necessary to meet the requirement of a very reasonable structure in structure.

Structural requirement three: The structure is very stable. In order to better protect the safety of patients, it is necessary to show good stability in structure. With a very stable structure, it will not cause certain safety hazards to patients due to structural problems.

The high-quality gynecological examination bed has a variety of medical functions for obstetrics and gynecology delivery, gynecological surgery, diagnosis and examination, including emergency caesarean section. The overall level of the bed, the turning of the backboard, and the forward and backward tilting of the bed are all controlled by a miniature touch screen, which is easy to use (can be equipped with a foot switch) and is flexible. The power system adopts imported linear motors, with low noise, stable performance and good use environment; the back plate adopts linear adjustment, the angle is arbitrary, and it is equipped with a hidden movable auxiliary table, which is convenient for doctors and midwives to operate. The fixation and movement of the base are manually controlled, and all covers and sewage basins are made of stainless steel, with beautiful appearance and easy cleaning. The multifunctional obstetric bed is used for childbirth, general obstetric surgery, and outpatient gynecological examination.

The above is the knowledge introduction about the difference between gynecological examination beds and maternity beds. Gynecological examinations have a great impact on women's health. If they are not checked on time, it is likely to cause serious consequences to the health of female friends. Therefore, women should know that women's physical examination needs to be checked. What , early detection, and early active treatment measures to avoid disease aggravation and affect health. 

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