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What are the characteristics of disposable micro blood collection tubes? What's the use?


What are the characteristics of disposable micro blood collection tubes What's the use

What are the characteristics of disposable  micro blood collection tubes? What's the use?

1.  The disposable micro blood collection tube is made of plastic material, which is light in weight, pressure-resistant, not fragile, and easy to transport, ensuring the safety of medical staff.

2. The entire blood collection process is a closed system, hygienic and safe, ensuring that medical staff do not come into contact with the source of infection.

3. All vacuum tubes are equipped with safety protection caps to avoid unclean spray.

4. The anticoagulant additive is spray/dry powder/liquid, which can be an effective anticoagulant.

5. The vacuum degree in the disposable micro blood collection tube is accurate and reliable. All additives are added automatically, and the sample addition is accurate, avoiding the disadvantage of poor repeatability of manual addition, thus ensuring the accuracy and good repeatability of the results.

6. The color of the safety cover conforms to international standards, which is convenient for distinguishing different additives in the pipeline.

7. The test tube specifications conform to international standards and are fully suitable for various automatic analyzers.

8. All kinds of disposable micro blood collection tubes can meet the blood collection requirements of all laboratories, and the collection of all test samples can be completed with one needle insertion, which reduces the pain of patients.

9. The shelf life of disposable micro blood collection tubes is as long as 18 months.

10. The incineration products of disposable micro blood collection tubes are carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, and no toxic gas will be produced. The incineration residue is 0.2%, which is an environmentally friendly product.

Disposable micro blood collection tubes are used in biochemistry, immunology, serology, detection of various viruses and collection and preservation of blood samples in blood banks. The wall has been specially treated to prevent hanging on the wall and hemolysis; it is not only a vacuum blood collection tube, but also a detection tube. Coagulant tubes are used to collect blood samples for chemical and immunological examinations in medical examinations. After special treatment on the inner wall, the coagulant can completely coagulate blood in a short time, and high-quality serum can be obtained through centrifugation, which solves the problems of coagulation rupture, hemolysis and blood cell fibrin precipitation.

Disposable micro blood collection tubes meet the needs of rapid treatment in outpatient and emergency departments. Separation gel coagulation tubes are used for serum biochemistry, immunology, drug testing, etc. Coagulation agent evenly coated on the inner wall can greatly shorten the coagulation time. Since the introduced separation gel is pure, its physical and chemical properties are relatively stable. After centrifugation, the separation gel solidifies to form a barrier to completely separate the serum from the blood cells, effectively preventing the exchange of substances between the two, obtaining high-quality serum, making the test results more authentic, and improving the collection rate of serum. The shelf life can be extended, and the biochemical properties and chemical composition do not change significantly.

Disposable micro-volume blood collection tubes can realize patient identification, ensure the accuracy of sample submission information, and make the patient's identity confirmed by barcode and related information in every link of sample transmission, inspection, and result feedback.

The use of barcodes on disposable micro-volume blood collection tubes can increase the trust of patients and improve the work efficiency of medical staff. At the same time, it reduces the cost of repeated testing and clinics, and avoids doctor-patient disputes. The use of disposable micro blood collection tubes is conducive to the standardization and functional utilization of testing instruments, and improves the automation of laboratories.

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