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What Are The Precautions For Infant Radiant Warmers



Some babies will be born prematurely due to some reasons . For premature babies, they are often placed on the radiation table. The function of the baby radiation table is to provide a warm and comfortable environment for the baby, so that the baby can survive better. And like some seriously ill children also need the help of neonatal radiation table. The neonatal radiation table plays a very important role and must be used correctly. What are the precautions for the neonatal radiation table?

What are the precautions for neonatal radiation table

1. The instrument must be grounded and used in a good environment.

2. The temperature measuring probe should be placed in the controlled area and must not be covered.

3. In the manual control mode, the skin temperature display window will display the real-time temperature measured by the temperature sensor. The heating output ratio is fixed and is not controlled by the skin temperature measured by the temperature sensor. Therefore, pay close attention to the temperature of the child. fluctuations, and the operator must not leave to ensure the safety of the patient.

4. In skin temperature mode, when the temperature measured by the skin temperature sensor is always lower than the set temperature by 3.5 degrees Celsius, the alarm will be activated after about 2 minutes.

5. In order to ensure the safety of children, under normal circumstances, it is recommended to use the skin temperature mode.

6. When the instrument is abnormal, it should not be used forcibly, and it needs to be repaired by professionals.

7. For long-term use, the problem of dehydration of the baby should be considered , and appropriate amount of water should be added for evaporation or polyethylene film should be placed on the crib.

8. In the manual control mode and when the baffle is turned down, the user must not leave, so as not to cause harm to the children.

9. When using light therapy, the baby must wear an eye mask and cover the perineum.

How to use the neonatal radiation table

1. Insert the power input plug into the Acl20v/50HZ power socket, and the power grounding must be reliable.

2. Insert the skin temperature sensor into the skin temperature sensor jack of the temperature controller, turn on the control and source switches at the front of the radiation box, and after the temperature controller makes a "beep" sound, the set temperature display flashes to display the given temperature of 34°C.

3. Press the plus button to set the temperature, adjust the skin temperature required by the child according to clinical needs or doctor's orders, and the instrument will automatically heat.

4. Put the child in a single piece of clothing, wrap the diaper, and place it in the center of the warm bed. Do not cover it with a quilt, so as not to affect the child's absorption of heat.

5. Fix the metal surface of the head of the skin temperature sensor at the midpoint of the connection between the xiphoid process and the umbilicus.

6. If you want to modify the set temperature, you must press the set key. When the set temperature display flashes again, you can press the plus and minus keys to adjust the temperature.

7. If you need to modify the timing time, you must press the timing button. When the temperature and setting temperature display windows are not displayed, press the plus and minus buttons to modify the time. After the modification, press the timing button to return to the working state. According to the timer, it will automatically return to the working state in about 10 seconds.

We all know the issues that should be paid attention to when using the neonatal radiation table. In order not to damage the instrument and to ensure the safety of the baby, it must be used correctly according to the instructions. In order to prevent the newborn from entering this radiation platform after birth, it is hoped that expectant mothers must do a good job of protection and avoid premature birth.

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