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What Is The Function Of The Medical Cart?


Medical trolleys refer to the protective transport of medical equipment, surgical instruments, medicines, and patients transported in wards. It can greatly reduce the operational burden on the caregiver. In terms of product classification, medical carts are luxurious, medium and ordinary. In terms of product materials, medical carts are made of ABS, stainless steel, and plastic sprayed. Divided from the types of products, medical carts include rescue carts, ambulance carts, treatment carts, medical record carts, equipment carts, instrument carts, drug delivery carts, anesthesia carts, dirt carts, infusion carts, medicine pickup carts, and collection carts. , Dozens of delivery vehicles and patient transport vehicles.

Considering the particularity of medical products, the medical trolley adopts a full-enclosed and non-rolling table design, keyboard operation with no hand blocking, no line of sight blocking, fully closed all-aluminum oxidation handle, battery replacement at any time and place, permanent battery life, easy to use The maintenance structure, the pulley design at the bottom, is movable and convenient for medical personnel to use; the foldable design can be folded and placed when not in use, which takes up little space; the height of the trolley can be adjusted freely, and users can adjust it according to their own habits. Adjustment; The four corners of the trolley are designed with circular arcs to reduce injuries caused by accidental bumps.

The multi-functional medical trolley can place portable B-ultrasound, Doppler, high-frequency electrosurgical unit, monitor, electrocardiogram machine, defibrillator, fetal monitor, infusion pump and other equipment and instruments. It has strong versatility and realizes a car Multi-purpose, according to the needs of different instruments, you can customize and install different platforms at will; silent casters, universal brakes, multi-directional movement without obstacles; practical storage baskets, convenient for placing random accessories, medical carts will gradually become a necessity and a new attraction in hospitals.

Medical carts , also known as workstations on wheels, are a staple in the healthcare sector. They provide nurses with bedside patient charts, the ability to precisely dispense medications and review physician orders, and more recently facilitate the adoption of remote applications. Used in conjunction with a cart computer or tablet, these carts assist with patient care provided.

Available in powered and non-powered designs, there are benefits to each type of cart depending on the specific needs of a hospital or other patient care. Medical carts are used in hospitals and outpatient clinics for a variety of purposes. The procedures by which they store and ship supplies, they should be maintained against theft or loss. In general, the cart is stocked with the proper combination of supplies so it can serve its intended purpose. Various office content will vary.

For example, a shopping cart could be called a "casting cart" because it holds the splints and supplies needed for casting. Another cart may hold only the supplies needed to open a difficult airway, hence the name "Airway Cart".

The "Crash Cart" (typically a red cart with red drawers) will be stocked with the necessary equipment for doctors to perform a cardiac life support protocol to save a patient suffering from sudden cardiac arrest.

Specifying the proper cart size, proper material, fitment of the interior drawers, top components and side mounted accessories is just one step away. Maintaining your investment (in the car and its contents) needs to be carefully thought through.

Stainless steel medical trolley is a common tool cart in the medical environment. Although it is not a special medical device with rigid regulations, it still plays an insignificant effect. It has the advantages of rust resistance and easy cleaning. It is characterized by no dead ends. , easy to clean, and can be used in medical and health care, testing institutions, laboratories and other environments.

Because of the particularity of the medical and sanitary environment, not only the carts are required to be clean and pollution-free, but also quiet and silent. Therefore, stainless steel medical trolleys are equipped with silent casters to ensure silent and comfortable driving. The medical multifunctional trolley can not only assist medical staff to transport medical equipment, medicines and other items, but also can be used to assist patients in timely nursing work, providing great convenience to both staff and patients.

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