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G12 Double-arm mechanical surgical pendant
G12 Double-arm mechanical surgical pendant

G12 Double-arm mechanical surgical pendant

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  • Introduction

1. Operating power: AC220V, 50Hz;

2. Moving range of the double arms (radius): 700-1100mm and 400-600mm (may be configured as per hospital’s requirements)

3. Horizontal rotation angle: 0~340°, the arm and terminal box can rotate horizontally, respectively or simultaneously;

4. Net load weight ≤ 60kg;

5. Instrument deck: 2 layers (height adjustable) 550mm*400mm*30mm; use 10mm×25mm side rail of international standards for protection with rounded-corner collision avoidance design;

6. Gas interface configuration: (national standard compliant, 2 for oxygen, 2 for suction, 2 for air or configured per the hospital’s requirements):

a. different interface colors and shapes, with faulty connection prevention function;

b. plugging and unplugging times: over 20,000;

c. adopting secondary seal with three states (on, off and remove),

7. Power sockets: 8, 220V, 10A; network interface: 1; telephone interface: 1;

8. Grounding terminals: 2;

10. Stainless steel adjustable infusion rod holder: 1;

11. Stainless steel adjustable injection pump rack:1;

12. The main material is high-strength aluminum alloy profile;

13. Surface is finished by electrostatic spraying;

14. Ceiling-mounted, stable and steady;


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