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  • Introduction

1. Extra-long service life:

A novel LED cold light source is used to extend the service life to up to 60,000 hours with no need to change beads. It’s superior to traditional halogen lamps and can meet the requirements of energy saving and environmental protection.

2. Perfect cold light effect

The spectrum of the novel LED cold light source used contains no ultraviolet or infrared lights, which brings neither heat nor radiation, and the temperature rises at the physician’s head and the surgical wound area ≤1℃, with almost no temperature rises.

3. Ideal appearance design in line with purification requirements:

The fully enclosed and streamlined lamp head design conforms to the design principle of aerodynamics, which thoroughly eliminates the dead corners of the flow in the purified air and meets the high-standard laminar requirements in modern operation rooms and is conducive to the aseptic requirements in operating rooms;

4. Humanized interface design:

The lighting brightness can be changed according to the hospital's need for different surgical lighting. Optional novel LED touch-screen LCD control panel is available for the turn-on/off and adjustment of illuminance, color temperature and brightness.

5. Ultra-strong deep lighting, perfect non-shadow effect:

The integral design of LED lamp head makes the light beams converge into a high-brightness uniform light column to ensure a soft and even deep beam-converging effect and the lighting need for high brightness and depth.

6. Color temperature adjustment function:

The color temperature of the Model CHGLED700/700 surgical shadowless lamp can be adjusted from 3500K to 5000K in six levels, which makes the diagnosis more accurate and will not cause eye fatigue of the medical staff due to long hours of work.

7. Good hanging system:

Lightweight high-quality suspension system with balance arm; six sets of universal joints are linked to enable light and 360° all-direction movement with accurate positioning to meet the needs of different heights, angles and positions during surgery.

8. Exquisitely structured focusing system:

The manual focusing technology enables simple and convenient operations and solves the technical difficulties in focusing of LED surgical shadowless lamps to realize non-grade focusing; detachable handle; can be sterilized at a high temperature (≤160°C); unique one-key mode for endoscope.

9. Bright and uniform lighting:

The light beams emitted by the LED light source go through a specially-designed high-performance lens and then converge on the surgical area to form a light field which meets the need of surgical lighting; the max. illuminance is up to 160,000 LUX. The brightness of the LED is adjusted in a non-grade digital way and the illuminance of each lamp can be adjusted separately.

10. Extremely low fault rate:

Each LED module contains 6-10 LED beads. Since each module has an independent electronic control system, the fault rate of the lamp head is very low and the fault of a single LED won’t affect the functions of the lamp head.

11. Low heat generation:

The greater advantage of LED is that it produces less heat, because it hardly emits infrared or ultraviolet rays.

12. External camera system:

The advanced camera systems from the manufacturer of professional camera systems, Hikvision (systems from other brands also can be used according to client needs) are adopted to ensure the functionality and practicability of the device. The camera is installed on a separate balance arm to realize the camera function at various orientations/angles without affecting the normal use of the surgical lamp.

13. Technical parameters of surgical shadowless lamp and camera system:

Surgical Shadowless Lamp   CHGLED700/700    Shadowless lamp with external camera system
No. of LED beads80/80
Illuminance (Lux)60000 - 160000/60000 - 160000
Color temperature (K)3500 - 5000 adjustable/3500 - 5000 adjustable
Diameter of light spot (mm)150-350
Dimming systemContinuous dimming system
Color rendering index≥95
Lighting depth (mm)≥1200
Temperature rises at operator’s head (℃)≤1
Temperature rises at operating field area (℃)≤2
Color rendering index (CRI)≥96
Color rendition index≥97
Input power (VA)400
Mains voltage220V/50Hz
Lowest/optimum installation height2.8m/3.2m

10X up to4.35 million 1/2.8" CMOS

HD operating field chip

Type of sensor1/2.8" Progressive Scan CMOS
Scanning systemLine-by-line scan
Signal systemPAL/NSTC
Video outputSDI output Network output

50HZ:50fps(1920X1080) 60HZ:60fps(1920X1080)

50HZ:25fps(1920X1080) 60HZ:30fps(1920X1080)

Lowest illuminanceColorful: 0.05Lux @ (F1.6,AGC ON)
Focus length4.7-47Mm, 10x optical zoom
Horizontal field of view58.6-6.4° (wide angle - telescope)
Minimum photographic distance120mm - 800mm (wide angle - telescope)
Parameters setting
Focusing modesemi-automatic/automatic/manual/
Exposure modeAutomatic exposure/aperture priority/shutter priority/manual exposure
Electronic shutter1/1s - 1/30,000s
White balance

Automatic 1/automatic 2/indoor/outdoor/manual/

sodium lamp/fluorescent lamp

Gain16-level adjustable
Wide dynamicOFF/ON, 15-level adjustable
Digital noise reduction3D
Lens initializationInternal
Image quality adjustmentBrightness, contrast, sharpness, and saturation adjustable
Digital zoom10
Interface function
External interfaceSDI, RS485, power supply, UART
External communicationPelco P, Pelco D, VISCA
General regulations
Power supplyDC12V ± 25%
Working temperature and humidity-10℃ - 60℃,<90%RH
Power consumption5W
Display screenResolution1920×1080/60Hz
Dimension22 in.
Display typeLED back light
Visible area476.64mm×268.11mm
Visible angleHorizontal 170°, vertical 160°
Video & audio inputLocal video input1channel 3G-SDI, resolution: 1920×1080/60Hz, 1280×720/60Hz
Network video input4channels, resolution:1920×1080/30Hz
Audio input1channel, dual-track, 3.5mm interface
 1channel HDMI 2.0,
OutputHDMI outputResolution: 3840×2160/30Hz, 2560×1440/60HZ, 1920×1080/60Hz, 1280×1024/60Hz,
1280×720/60Hz, 1024×768/60Hz
VGA output1channel, resolution: 1920×1080/60Hz, 1280×1024/60Hz, 1280×720/60Hz, 1024×768/60Hz
Audio output1channel, 3.5mm interface (or speaker audio output)
2channels, Stereo (speaker)
Video & audio coding and decodingVideo compression standardsH.265/H.264
Video coding resolution1080P, 720P, WD1, 4CIF, VGA, CIF, QVGA;
Video code rate32Kbps - 16Mbps
Video frame rate1frame - 60 frames
CodeCode stream typeComposite stream/video stream, support triple-code stream
Audio compression standardAAC
Audio code rateAudio code rate: 128kbps; sampling rate: 48kHz
StorageSATA interface1, 2.5-inch disk, 1TB hard disk by default, compatible with 2.5-inch SSD
External interfacenetwork interface1, RJ-45 10M/100M/1000M Adaptive Ethernet interface
USB interface2, 1 USB 3.0, 1 USB 2.0
Serial interface1, RS-485 serial interface, half-duplex
OthersPower supplyExternal adapter (input voltage: 12V)
Power consumption (with hard disk)≤40W
Working temperature0℃ - 40℃
Working humidity10% - 90%
Device dimensionsWithout base: 510mm (W) X 318mm (H)
With base: 510mm (W) X 385mm (H)
Hole site for wall hanging100mm×100mm
Screw thread for wall hangingM4
Weight (with hard disk)approx. 5kg


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