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  • Introduction


1、Modern laminar-flow lamp head

The petal-shaped ultra-thin design with a max. thickness of no more than 10CM is adopted, which brings an excellent laminar flow effect. The lampshade shell is made of a novel quality ABS material, which is resistant to corrosion, acid and alkali and can effectively increase the service life of the product.

2、The novel cold light source extends service life:

A novel imported LED cold light source is used, which is energy-saving and environmentally-friendly and has a service life of up to 60,000 hours. The temperature rises at the physician’s head﹤1℃.

3、Perfect cold light effect:

The novel imported LED cold light source does not generate infrared and ultraviolet radiation and will not cause temperature rise and tissue damage to the wounds like those caused by halogen shadowless lamps. It can speed up post-operative wound healing and has no radiation pollution. The color temperature of the LED is constant and its color temperature is not attenuated. Meanwhile, its light is soft and not dazzling, very close to natural sun light.

4. Exquisitely structured focusing system:

The manual focusing technology enables simple and convenient operations and solves the technical difficulties in focusing of LED surgical shadowless lamps to realize non-grade focusing; detachable handle; can be sterilized at a high temperature (≤160°C).

5. Excellent deep lighting:

Using computer-aided modular design and focused illumination by multiple LED light beams, the product enables depth illumination with light beams of above 1200 mm. and the central illuminance is up to 160000lnx or above. It also provides a 3700K-5000K adjustable temperature close to natural daylight, which can truly reflect the colors of human tissues and fully meet the needs of various surgical lighting.

6、Superior shadow-free effect

The most scientific arc of the lamp head and multi-spot light source design brings more uniform spot illumination. The same perfect shadow-free effect can be achieved even when the operating lamp is partially shielded. Turning radius of lamp panel: ≥182cm. The lamp head can be pulled down to nearly vertical to the ground to facilitate lighting at various angles.

7、Advanced control system

LCD button control is adopted for adjustment of power switch, illuminance, color temperature, etc., to meet the requirements of medical staff for the brightness of different surgeries. The digital memory function can automatically memorize the appropriate illuminance with no need to debug when powering on again. The centralized control method using multi-channel LED groups with the same power to ensure that the damage of a single channel or a single LED does not affect the compliance with the requirements of surgical lighting.

8、Universal suspension system

The big rotating arm is made into an octagonal shape using a new type of alloy materials. The balance system adopts domestic spring components, which are light in structure, easy to control, precise in positioning and can provide the widest adjustment range. It is equipped with a fatigue correction device and a positioning feel adjustment device to facilitate positioning adjustment and correction after long-time use.

9. Internal Camera System

The advanced camera systems from the manufacturer of professional camera systems, Sony (systems from other brands also can be used according to client needs) are adopted to ensure the functionality and practicability of the device. The camera is installed at the disinfection handle of the lamp head and the angle is adjustable without dead ends.

High-quality camera:

The camera system adopts a high-quality, high-resolution, compact, and lightweight color camera, 1/2.8-inch Exmor CMOS image sensor to ensure high-definition (1080/60p) image performance and the equipped 10x optical zoom lens can achieve excellent zoom performance. The camera embraces many functions of Sony’s world-renowned FCB series cameras, including Wide-D wide dynamic range, automatic removal of infrared cutoff filter and spherical privacy zone masking functions. The extensive range of functions and adjustments ensures multi-functional operations, including: white balance mode; image effects (vertical flip, negative film, black and white film, mirroring, color enhancement); motion detection/alarm; screen freeze; temperature reading; slow AE response; electronic shutter/slow shutter; title display/camera mode display (English).

Four-channel HD-SDI digital hard disk VCR:

The embedded LINUX operating system enables simultaneous multi-channel real-time recording, multi-channel real-time playback, multi-channel multi-person network operation and USB backup. The complete protection circuit and exclusive triple-watchdog function ensure that the device never crashes; the unique black box technology provides process monitoring of the whole device, which greatly reduces the maintenance cost. It supports simultaneous output of TV, HD VGA, and HDMI, among which 1080P HD output is supported for VGA and HDMI. The true HD resolution output leads the technological trend.

High-performance SDI signal distribution device:

1 channel of SDI signal can be distributed into two channels. The SDI decoder and SDI encoder integrated in the device can decode SDI signals and then encode them into 2 channels of SDI signals. The clock recovery module integrated in the device can reclock and output the input high-frequency SDI signals for more stable signals. The device support 3G/HD/SD SDI signal input, 3G/HD/SD SDI signal output, adaptive SDI input signal and has a built-in clock recovery module; support dual-channel SDI output.

HD LCD monitor:

Optimal resolution 1920X1080; numerous input and output formats; support nine menu languages.

HD LCD display:

The AH-IPS display adopts the 178/178 wide-angle technology to provide bright colors and fresh images, which is suitable for medical application fields requiring high color accuracy.

Technical parameters:

Colorful camera
Image sensor1/2.8 in. type Exmor CMOS
Effective pixels3.8 million
Optical zoom10x
Digital zoom12x
Lens focal lengthF=3.8mm(wide)to38mm(tele)
Aperture F valueF1.8 to F3.4
Horizontal view angle67° (wide end) - 7.6° (tele end)
Minimum imaging range10mm (wide end) - 800mm (tele end)
Optimum imaging illuminance100Lx - 10000Lx
Backlight compensationON/OFF
Shutter speed1/1sec to 1/10000sec (22 steps)
White balance modeautomatic/manual/ATW/indoor/outdoor/manual/one-button/outdoor automatic

sodium lamp modes

Gain controlAutomatic/manual (0-28 levels)
Image noise reductionON/OFF (5-1 levels, OFF, 6 levels in total)
Fog transmission modeON/OFF
Color enhancement modeON/OFF
Aperture control16 levels
Lens preset position16
Storage temperature/humidity

Temperature: -20℃ - +60℃

Humidity: 20% - 95%

Working temperature/humidity

Temperature: -5℃ - +60℃

Humidity: 20% - 80%

Power requirementsDC 6V—DC 12V
Hard disk VCR
Video compression formatH.264 (High Profile)
OutputVGA, HDMI high definition (maximum 1280*720)
Playback quality1080P/720P/960H/D1/HDI/CIF/QCIF
Video recording4-Channel 1080P real-time
Playback4-Channel 1080P real-time
Video recording modeManual, alarming, dynamic detection, timing
Video storageHard disk, network
Backup methodNetwork backup, USB mobile hard disk drive, USB burn, SATA burn
Signal distributor
SDI video input signalSDI signal
SDI video output signalSDI signal
Code rate270Mbps - 2.97Gbps
Signal amplitude800mV±10% (75Ω)
Power supplyDC 6-12V
Host machine size98 X 80 X 26 mm
Weight0.3 KG
Working temperature0℃ - 50℃ without condensation
HD LCD monitor
Panel size21.5 in.
Backlight modeLED
Display area475.2mm(W)×267.3mm(H)
Image scale16:9
Maximum resolution1920×1080
HD LCD display
Panel size21.5 in.
Image scale16:9
Maximum resolution1920×1080

10. Technical parameters:

No. of LED beads112/112
Illuminance (Lux)80,000-160,000/80,000-140,000
Color temperature (K)3700—5000
Diameter of light spot (mm)160-350
Color rendering index85-98 (adjustable)
Lighting depth (mm)≥1200
Temperature rises at operator’s head﹤1℃
Mains voltageAC100-240V  50/60HZ
Input power (W)400


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