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Clavus Sticker
Clavus Sticker

Clavus Sticker

Scope of application: suitable for local skin stratum corneum thickening, calluses, dead skin and other clavus parts.

Model size: Square 7cm*2cm

Packing: 6 stickers/bag

Validity: 2 years

Storage: sealed, stored in a ventilated and dry place.

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  • Introduction

The main structure of the product: 

this product is made of lanolin, petroleum jelly, pigment, chemical grade salicylic acid, adhesive tape, sponge ring, protective film as raw materials, processed into plaster.


External. Soak the affected area with hot water before using this product, dry it after ten minutes, take out the plaster, and apply it directly to the clavus area. One patch at a time, each lasting 24 hours.

Contraindications, precautions, warnings and indicative notes:

1、 This product is for external use, oral administration is strictly prohibited;

2、 Skin infection or ulceration, where there are open wounds, are prohibited;

3、 Those who are allergic to this product should use with caution, if there is redness, rash, rupture, blisters and other allergic phenomena after application, it should be stopped immediately;

4、 Children must be under adult supervision;

5、 This product is a daily necessity and cannot replace drugs or medical devices.

Not suitable for: infants and pregnant and lactating women.


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