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ABS multi-functional Stretcher
ABS multi-functional Stretcher
ABS multi-functional Stretcher
ABS multi-functional Stretcher

ABS multi-functional Stretcher

ABS multi-functional Stretcher is the best choice of emergency bed and ICU bed for transporting patients in emergency room, ICU, ward and operating room.

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  • Introduction

Specification: 1930 * 760 * 500/800mm 

1, The car surface is made of ABS engineering injection plastic casting molding, with high flame retardant, corrosion resistance, toughness and other characteristics, the four corners are designed with handles, convenient operation of nursing and first aid personnel. 

2. The four corners have handles to facilitate the operation of nursing and first aid personnel. 

3, The bed is made of 30*50 thick 1.2mm cold rolled steel pipe, advanced robot welding technology, high precision welding technology to ensure the welding quality. The bed body is strong and can bear ≥ 240kg. 

4, The bed adopts environmental protection powder spray treatment, the back adopts imported high quality air pressure system, the back up 0-65°, easy to operate, can be operated with one hand; 

5, The guardrail adopts ABS lifting type guardrail, put down by air spring buffer design, improve the comfort and service life of the guardrail. 

6, The whole lifting adopts rocker design, lifting stroke 500-800mm, the handle adopts bidirectional interference protection, automatic lubrication function. 

7. The base of the flat car is 1.5mm cold-rolled steel plate, which is formed by one-time stamping mold. It is durable and stable. 

8, The brake adopts advanced central control brake system, four full brake casters, wheel diameter φ150mm, casters have excellent oil resistance, wear resistance, drug resistance and chemical resistance, to ensure the service life of the casters. Dustproof casters make flat car movement stable, reliable and light. 

9. Add the fifth wheel design to make the flat car more convenient and fast in the straight line and steering movement. 

10. There is oxygen cylinder bracket in front of the bed, which can place 5L oxygen cylinder for emergency use. 

11. The horizontal head and tail are equipped with a diagonal infusion stand jack and 1 infusion stand for the convenience of infusion; 

12. Auxiliary device: with the thickness of 3cm Oxford cloth car pad, with 2 safety straps, in the emergency transport of patients, can protect patients from falling off the cart, is the emergency room, ICU, ward to transport patients and when the emergency bed, ICU bed is the best choice.

Standard configuration

Bed body 1 set

1 mattress

Shake handle 1 set

Guardrail 1 pair

1 infusion rod holder

1 oxygen cylinder rack

4 casters

1 set of product instructions


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