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Scar Relief Hydrogel Dressing
Scar Relief Hydrogel Dressing
Scar Relief Hydrogel Dressing
Scar Relief Hydrogel Dressing

Scar Relief Hydrogel Dressing

Scar Relief Hydrogel Dressing is a colorless to light white translucent gel, which is intended for the management of old and new scars, including hypertrophic and keloid scars, resulting from surgery, trauma, wounds and burns. It helps to soften the scars and assist to relieve the itch and ache of the scar skin. For prevention of abnormal scars, use as soon as the wound is closed or sutures are removed.

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  • Introduction



medical dimethicone, glycerin, carbomer, polysorbate 80, triethanolamine, hydroxybenzoyl ethyl ester and purified water.

Product performance

The viscosity of the product shall not be less than 1000mpa·s, the PH value shall be 4.0-8.0. Total number of aerobe ≤100cfu/g;
Total number of molds and yeasts ≤100cfu/g. Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa should not be detected.


10g, 15g,  20g.


Product Advantage


Leaves no oily residue

Soft silky feel to the skin

Smooth, refreshing and not sticky

● Soften scar, nourishing skin light scar

● Oil and carbomer ingredients have moisturizing effects

Silicone formula, gold standard for scar treatment

The main Ingredients silicone combined with occluding dressings, it can repair scar epidermis structure,
Smooth and soften new old scars, quickly repair skin problems.

Soften scars and repair skin

The dressing prevents the evaporation of water vapor on the surface and reduces the deposition of collagen, so as to control the hyperplasia of the scar. Regulate fibroblast growth factor FGFβ and TGFβ, balance fibrogenesis and collagen dissolution, repair damaged skin.



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