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Cama de cuidados elétrica de cinco funções
Cama de cuidados elétrica de cinco funções

Cama de cuidados elétrica de cinco funções

Introdução da função:

(1) Backrest: 0 – 80 ± 5º

(2) Leg part: 0 – 40 ± 5º

(3) Forward and backward tilting: 0-8±1º

(4) Overall lifting and lowering: 460-680mm

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  • Introdução

Especificações: L2150×L1080×A460-680mm

1、The bed head and end are blow-molded using ABS high-class engineering plastics, which are beautiful in appearance and easy to be installed and removed and have good impact resistance, heat resistance, low temperature resistance, chemical resistance and electrical properties.

2、The bed top is formed by one-time impact molding of cold-rolled steel sheet. With a thickness of 1.2mm, the concave multi-hole design facilitates air permeability and has good slip resistance. With no welding spots on the surface, the bed top has reinforcing ribs made of steel tubes at the back to extend the service life of the bed in combination with the dual-support force-unloading structure.

3、The bed frame is welded using 40*60*1.5mm shaped square tubes. The advanced welding technique brings high welding quality and sturdy bed. The load ≥240kg;

4、The whole bed body is treated with a series processes including acid washing,  phosphating, water washing and oxidation coating and is coated using Akzo powder electrostatic spraying with an automatic flow spraying line, which brings it bright color and firm paint attachment.

5、The separated European-style guardrails made of ABS engineering plastics are good in appearance, easy in operation, sturdy and durable and convenient to clean. In addition to the unique hand-pinching prevention design, the speed and noise of lifting and lowering of the guardrails are controlled using a damper device. Once lowered, the guardrails can be hidden under the bed board and flush with the bed frame.

6、The four wheels are 125mm luxury silent centrally-controlled caters with a high stability drive system. The brake is stable and flexible, convenient, waterproof and dustproof. The double-wheel cake-like design increases the ground contact area and improves stability. 

7、Four sets of safety voltage motors, one set of controller box, and an all-around handhold controller panel enables five functions: turning of back part, turning of leg part, overall lifting and lowering, forward tilting and backward tilting.     

Configuração padrão

Acessórios opcionais

Um par de cabeceira de cama versão europeia

Colchão à prova d'água dedicado meio coco e meio algodão

4 conjuntos de motores, 1 conjunto de caixa de controlador

rack diversos

2 ganchos de drenagem

suporte de infusão retrátil de aço inoxidável

4 guarda-corpos de elevação com amortecimento ABS

   prato de mesa de jantar

4 interfaces de infusão

mesa de cabeceira ABS

1 conjunto de rodízios luxuosos controlados centralmente

  cadeira acompanhante


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