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O que é o pingente endoscópico mecânico de braço duplo G10



G10 Double-Arm Mechanical Endoscopic Pendant  is a type of medical equipment used in operating rooms and surgical suites. It is designed to provide support and organization for endoscopic instruments and other medical devices during minimally invasive surgeries. Here are some key features and functions associated with this type of pendant:

Suspension System: The G10 Double-Arm Mechanical Endoscopic Pendant is typically mounted on the ceiling or wall of the surgical room. It features a mechanical arm system that allows for smooth movement and positioning of the pendant. The mechanical arms can be adjusted vertically and horizontally to meet the specific needs of the surgical team.

Gas and Electrical Services: The pendant is equipped with integrated gas and electrical services. It provides a convenient and organized way to supply medical gases, such as oxygen and compressed air, to the surgical instruments. Electrical outlets and data ports are also included to power and connect endoscopic equipment, monitors, and other devices.

Cable Management: The pendant is designed with cable management systems to minimize clutter and ensure the safe routing of cables and wires. This helps prevent tangling, reduces the risk of accidents, and allows for easy access to the required equipment during surgery.

Equipment Integration: The G10 Double-Arm Mechanical Endoscopic Pendant is compatible with various endoscopic instruments and medical devices used in minimally invasive procedures. It provides mounting options and supports for endoscope towers, insufflators, light sources, monitors, and other related equipment.

Ergonomic Design: The pendant is designed with ergonomics in mind to facilitate the surgeon's workflow and comfort. The adjustable arms and equipment positioning allow for optimal visualization and accessibility during the procedure. This can help reduce fatigue and improve surgical efficiency.

Sterile Environment Considerations: In surgical settings, maintaining a sterile environment is crucial. The G10 Double-Arm Mechanical Endoscopic Pendant is designed to be easy to clean and disinfect, with smooth surfaces and minimal crevices to prevent the accumulation of contaminants.

It's important to note that specific features and functionalities of the G10 Double-Arm Mechanical Endoscopic Pendant may vary across different manufacturers and models. Surgeons, surgical teams, and healthcare professionals should familiarize themselves with the specific capabilities, installation requirements, and maintenance procedures of the pendant they are using in their respective healthcare facilities.

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