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  • Introdução

I. Introdução do produto

The electric surgical table is independently developed by our company using introduced foreign advanced technology and is a high-end comprehensive multi-purpose surgical table suitable for surgeries in orthopedics, gynecology, ophthalmology, E.N.T., urology departments, etc., which is a leading product in our country.

II. Product Characteristics

1、The low position and long lifting distance which is up to 430mm provide sufficient space to use with the C-shaped arm.

2、The table top can be translated longitudinally to have overall C-type arm fluoroscopy and imaging examinations without the need for reversely placing the patient or pre-adjusting the table top. No blind area when shooting.

3、Four-point self-compensating floor electric brake lock and a fully mechanical emergency brake release system. Convenient for transportation, movement and cleaning.

4、The table is equipped with built-in emergency power supply which can be automatically charged. When the main supply is cut off, the emergency power supply can automatically switch into working status. The high-performance chargeable battery can ensure that the surgical table works for a period of 50 surgeries without power supply.

5、The built-in waist bridge is able to be lifted and lowered to facilitate the adjustments of various positions required by lumbar, spinal and other surgeries.

6、The table surface can form a V-shaped position at 100° and an inverted V-shaped position at 220°.

7、The mattress made of memory foam is easy to clean and sterilize.

8、The surgical table has two sets of control systems: a wired hand controller and an emergency control panel on the bed, which can automatically return to the original set by one-key adjustment, which is beneficial to emergency treatments.

9、The main body is made of SUS304 stainless steel, high-strength cast iron, and aluminum alloy, which are strong and rigid.

10、Optional traction on supine position and lateral position; simultaneous traction of both lower extremities; true lateral fluoroscopy of hip joint, lateral fluoroscopic bracket for upper extremity.

Comprimento do tampo da mesa2020mm
Largura do tampo da mesa550mm
Altura do tampo da mesa550-850mm
table top lifting distance300mm
Forward and backward tilting angles of table topForward tilting ≥25°, backward tilting ≥25°
Leftward and rightward titling angles of table topLeftward tilting ≥20°, rightward tilting ≥20°
Head board turning angle (manual)Giro ascendente ≥45°, giro descendente ≥90°
Ângulo de giro da placa de perna (manual)Upward turning ≥10°, downward turning ≥90°, outward extending ≥180°
Turning angle of back boardGiro ascendente ≥75°, giro descendente ≥40°
Built-in waist bridge lifting distance≥120mm(±10mm)
One-key flexion and reverse flexion V-shaped position ≤100°, inverted V-shaped position  ≤220°
Maximum translation distance of table top≥300mm
Capacidade de carga nominal225kg
Fonte de energia220V±10% ,50Hz

III. Parâmetros técnicos:

IV. Basic Configuration (Single Device)

S / NNome do acessórioSOBRE NÓSQuantidadeUnidade
1Corpo da mesa cirúrgicaChenhong1conjunto
2sistema hidráulicoSOBRE NÓS1 
3Apoio corporalChenhong1 
4Apoio de ombroChenhong1 
5Rack de tela anestésicaChenhong1 
6Apoio de pernaChenhong1 
7Hand support boardChenhong1 
9Fonte de alimentação de emergênciaSOBRE NÓS1conjunto
10Cabo de energiaDoméstico1Trimestral
11Controlador manualChenhong1Trimestral
12Post controllerChenhong1conjunto
13Certificado de Produto/Cartão de GarantiaChenhong1conjunto
14Instruções de usoChenhong1conjunto

V. Optional Configuration List (Single Device)

S / NNome do acessórioSOBRE NÓSQuantidadeUnidade
1Placa de péChenhong2 
2Suporte de cabeçaChenhong1 
3Orthopedic traction rackChenhong1 
4Alça de corpoChenhong1conjunto


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