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  • Introdução

I. Introdução do produto:

The electric comprehensive surgical table is for use in comprehensive surgeries in beauty cosmetic hospitals, departments of thoracic-abdominal surgery, surgery, cerebral surgery, ophthalmology, E.N.T., obstetrics and gynecology, etc.

II. Vantagens exclusivas do produto:

1. Main body position adjustments including lifting and lowering of table top and lifting of back board are all operated by buttons and realized by electric push rod transmission;

2. The table top is made of high-strength and X-ray radio-transparent composite materials to meet the need of clinical X-ray imaging;

3. The mattress is made of slow rebound memory foam, which is comfortable and beautiful and can evenly bear the pressure of the load. Its advantages include corrosion resistance, acid & base resistance and breathability, and is easy to clean. The mattress can naturally shape according to the patient’s body temperature to effectively prevent bedsore.

4. The leg boards are detachable and can be rotated outward and folded downward manually. The easy adjustments are very convenient for urological surgeries;

5. The head and leg boards are detachable and the leg board can be rotated outward and folded downward manually to facilitate operations and better meet the need of various surgical positions as well as provide more flexible operating space for medical staff.

6. The surgical table is made of medical-grade 304 stainless steel and its surface is specially treated with matte finishing, which looks more modern and is easier to clean;

7. The high-strength stainless-steel bottom cover has strong pressure resistance, corrosion resistance and is easy to clean;

8. The base of the surgical table can move or keep still. The bottom of the base is equipped with wheels for flexible movement and reliable immobilization;

9. The table top has an optional built-in waist bridge to facilitate biliary and kidney surgeries;

10. Main actions of the surgical table: lifting and lowering of table top and lifting of back board are controlled by an electric device composed of a controller and an electric push rod; turning of head board and leg board is controlled by a gas spring;

11. The electrically controlled part is mainly composed of a power adapter, control button box, etc. Power supply used by the surgical table: the external 220V AC is transformed into 24V DC by a power adapter to drive the motor.

III. Parâmetros técnicos:

Length of table top2020(± 20) mm
Width of table top500(± 20) mm
Height of table top (electric)Minimum 500(± 20) - maximum 760(± 20)mm
Back board turning angle (electric)Upward turning ≥75°, downward turning ≥15°
leg board turning angle (manual)Upward turning ≥15°, downward turning ≥90°, axle type, expandable angle 180°, detachable
Capacidade de carga nominal135kg
Waist bridge lifting distance (optional)120mm (± 10)

IV. Basic configuration list (single device):

S / NNome do acessórioSOBRE NÓSQuantidadeUnidade
1Corpo da mesa cirúrgicaChenhong1conjunto
4Apoio de mãoChenhong2 
5Controlador manualChenhong1 
6Cabo de energiaDoméstico1Trimestral
7Certificado de Produto/Cartão de GarantiaChenhong1conjunto
8Instruções de usoChenhong1conjunto

Optional Configuration List (Single Device)

S / NNome do acessórioSOBRE NÓSQuantidadeUnidade
1Placa de péChenhong2 
2Suporte de cabeçaChenhong1 
3Apoio de pernaChenhong2 
4MotorMarca importada2conjuntos
5Rack de tela anestésicaChenhong1 
6Apoio de ombroChenhong2 
7Waist supportChenhong2


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