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Знакомство с электрогидравлическим операционным столом

Ноябрь 23.2023 г.

Знакомство с электрогидравлическим операционным столом


The electro-hydraulic operating table consists of a table top, hydraulic components, and a controller. This product is suitable for examination, diagnosis, or surgical support for patients.

Electric hydraulic operating table classification

1. Mechanical operating table

The movements of this operating table are all done by hand, which is troublesome to use and very cheap. Only hospitals in small towns and villages will purchase them, and now they have basically been eliminated. Some are exported abroad and are no longer used domestically.

2. Electric push rod operating table

The movements of this operating table are electric, generally 4 electric movements. Each action is completed by a set of push rod motors, the production technology is generally difficult, and the product price is moderate. The disadvantage is that the load-bearing capacity is relatively small and the maintenance cycle is short.

3. Electric hydraulic operating table

The movement of this operating table is achieved by a hydraulic motor pushing a hydraulic cylinder. The principle is the same as that of an excavator, so the carrying capacity is very large. The whole bed is difficult to manufacture, the product cost is high, and the workmanship is exquisite. Someone asked which one is better, electric actuator operating table or electro-hydraulic.

Знакомство с электрогидравлическим операционным столом

Advantages of electro-hydraulic multi-functional operating table The advantages of electro-hydraulic multi-functional operating table are as follows. The electro-hydraulic multi-functional operating table adopts microcomputer control and uses advanced electro-hydraulic transmission technology to replace the traditional electric push rod transmission technology, making the position placement more precise and the use speed more uniform and stable.

Electro-hydraulic operating table structure

The electro-hydraulic operating table is composed of two parts, namely the bedside and accessories. The bed body mainly consists of three parts: transmission part, support part and control part. The transmission part is generally composed of three transmission mechanisms: pneumatic, hydraulic and mechanical. The hydraulic transmission mechanism consists of a power unit, an oil cylinder, an oil delivery management and a solenoid valve. The power unit includes an oil pump, a motor, a fuel tank and a relief valve respectively. The mechanical transmission part consists of motors, worms, worm gears, gears and other components. The pneumatic structure includes a self-locking gas spring.

The support part in the electro-hydraulic operating table structure can be automatically moved by pressing buttons, and is mainly composed of three parts: lifting column, table top and base. The countertop is generally composed of multiple support boards with different functions, such as back board, hip board, waist board, leg board, foot board, head board, etc. The base part is composed of a characteristic brake locking device.

The control part is mainly composed of hand controller, manual control panel, foot controller, etc. The accessories part mainly consists of the support accessories outside the bed needed to complete the surgery, such as waist frame, thigh frame, chest frame, arm board, straps, etc.

In terms of the structural principle of the electro-hydraulic operating table, the hydraulic transmission is that the oil of the power unit is driven into the oil pipe, and then the solenoid valve is used to control the opening and closing of the oil circuit. The oil pressure is used to push the oil cylinder in the electro-hydraulic operating table structure to perform piston movement, thus completing the Various movements of the operating table during surgery.

Advantages of electro-hydraulic operating table

1. The electro-hydraulic bearing capacity is higher.

2. Electric hydraulics have a long service life.

3. The electro-hydraulic noise is small.

4. Electro-hydraulic operation is more stable.

Features of electro-hydraulic operating table

1. It has automatic positioning function and can adjust the tilt angle of the operating table arbitrarily to suit different patients.

2. It adopts a double-cylinder reciprocating piston pump oil supply system with a wide pressure adjustable range.

3. It has a manual control device and can be operated by hand in case of power outage or emergency.

4. Using pneumatic components as the power source, the operation is stable and reliable.

5. Reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, convenient and flexible movement, low noise, no pollution, etc.

6. This equipment is suitable for clinical application in orthopedics (such as spine surgery), general surgery and thoracic surgery.

7. Products with various special specifications can be designed according to user requirements.

8. The main parts of this equipment are all processed from raw materials.

9. This equipment has passed the strict testing of the National Medical Device Quality Inspection Center and obtained the "Medical Device Registration Certificate of the People's Republic of China".

10. The "Kanglida" brand series of electro-hydraulic operating tables produced by our company are widely used in operating rooms of various hospitals across the country.

Maintenance of electro-hydraulic operating table

1. Cleaning: The most important thing during long-term use is to keep the operating table clean. After each use of the operating table, be sure to wipe away blood stains and other dirt, and then polish it with a clean soft cloth.

2. Lubrication: When lifting the column, loosen and remove the screws of the column cover, slowly place the cover on the base surface, and add the specified grade of hydraulic oil between the inside and outside of the lifting column; check the hydraulic oil in the base once a year The position of the hydraulic oil tank. When the bed surface of the electric operating table is in the low position, the oil level should be at least 8/10 of the full capacity. If the oil level is insufficient, open the oil filling hole and add hydraulic oil, but the oil level should not exceed the full capacity. 9/10 of the capacity (nine points full).

3. Always check whether the fixing screws are loose, and add lubricating oil to the transmission parts, movable joints, etc.

4. In addition to the above-mentioned maintenance of the electric hydraulic bed, the circuit should be regularly checked for disconnection, desoldering, circuit shell collision, etc. In particular, the quality and sensitivity of the limit switch should be carefully checked and tested regularly, and attention should be paid to moisture-proofing. , anti-rat, etc.

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